"Notification Message HTML Formatting" color text doesn't work anymore?


When i send a notification with html format with the example see here :

The color of text not work in the notification

But it is available in the notification history via homeassistant

Tested with android 11, 12 and 13 same result
Is it a problem or the function has been removed ?

This is the example used

service: notify.mobile_app_mi_a3
  message: >
    This is a <b><span style="color: red">HTML</span></b> <i>text</i><br><br>This is a text after a new line
  title: "Cool HTML formatting"

font color is not shown in dark mode, its an android thing. If you turn off dark mode you should see the font color render.

Edit: docs also updated to reflect this

that work on Pixel 5
thanks for the research :slight_smile: