Notification not received on iPhone

I have mobile_app and ios in my configuration and I have the mobile app working on my iPhone. The phone shows up in HA. When I go to Developer Tools I have a notify.mobile_app_my_phone. When I enter a test, i.e. message: “hello world”, I do not get the notification on my phone. I’ve tried with and without quotes.
I used the script editor to create a basic test script. When I trigger the script I get a message in the browser and in the logbook that the script started - but again, no notification on the phone.
I am stuck - what else should I be looking at to solve this issue?

alias: Message to Bob’s Phone

  • data:
    message: My message
    title: My title
    service: notify.mobile_app_bob_berryhills_iphone

I’m probably not the one who should offer advice, but when I had a similar problem I deleted my phone ( off of HA. I restarted HA and when that was done I went into app config on my phone and reset it. From there I logged in again onto my phone. I tested from there and it worked. YMMV

Thanks - I’ve seen that doc and followed the steps, but it never hurts to do them again.

  1. So, I have the notify service.
  2. Pretty sure the payload is good.
  3. Reset your token id - did this again and force quit the app and restart Home Assistant.

I still did not get a notification but when I went back to the app and checked the notifications I noticed 1 attempt and 1 delivered. I sent another notification from HA and the attempts incremented to 2 and the delivered incremented to 2.

So now I am probably gonna feel kinda dumb - but I don’t see the notifications. No notification alert and nothing in the notification center.

On the phone’s settings -> notification section I do not see the Home Assistant app like I see all of the other apps - should it be there?