Notification of cartridges

Good afternoon,
I previously wrote my own script by analogy with the script for Epson and it worked well until I decided to update the system to the latest builds. Now, as I noticed, I stopped working :frowning:

 - id: Notification cartridges
    alias: Notification cartridges
    initial_state: true
    mode: queued
    # max: 4
    # max_exceeded: silent
      - platform: numeric_state
          - sensor.hp_printer_ink_black
          - sensor.hp_printer_ink_cyan
          - sensor.hp_printer_ink_magenta
          - sensor.hp_printer_ink_yellow
        below: 30
      - service: notify.telegram
          message: "\U0001f5a8 Attention! Cartridges must be ordered. Black {{states('sensor.hp_printer_ink_black')|int(0)}}%, Cyan {{states('sensor.hp_printer_ink_cyan')|int(0)}}%, Magenta {{states('sensor.hp_printer_ink_magenta')|int(0)}}%, Yellow {{states('sensor.hp_printer_ink_yellow')|int(0)}}%"
          title: "\U0001F449 System message"

What could be wrong with me?

I don’t see any obvious issues. What troubleshooting steps have you taken and what were their results?

the fact is that I used troubleshooting and there are no errors, however, if I leave it as it is or add the condition “if less”, I do not receive a notification