Notification of potential issue on automation failure with zha

I’m using ZHA and am pleased with how it performs . Obviously as a wireless protocol there can be reasons why a device might be unavailable even if a router device .
I was trying to think of a method where perhaps an automation gets called , device is off the network so doesn’t respond ; but another automation is triggered by the original one to check the state of the device . Thereby if there is an issue e.g device didn’t turn on/off a notification of some sort ( email etc ) could be made .
Anyone got any others ideas on how to at least get a notification of automation failure rather than looking at logs ( sometimes there is nothing in the log relating to the issue )


Undoubtedly crude but as a test…

I do notice though that an automation may not trigger if the entities don’t exist at the point of execution . But it does trigger if for example some of the entities exist ( I’ve had an automation work even though only 3 entities out of 4 were available ) . So I suppose for ‘ reliability ‘ I could add dummy entities into automation actions to make almost certain the automation is not missed ….