Notification on iPhone oder Android

Hi everyone, I am sorry for my bad english!

I hope anyone can help me. I builded an alarmsystem via Home Assistant with my Door- and windowscontacts. If the alarm triggered, it will send a notification via HA-App to my smartphone.

Now the problem:

I have often to change my smartphone and everytime i have to change the automations to push notification to my new smartphone.

How i can send Notification via HA- User or anything? do you have an idea or another solution?


You can send the notification to a person and than change the phone connected to that person when you switch phones

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Set up a notification group with your latest phone in it. Use the notify group in all your automations.

When you change your phone you only have to edit the notification group.

Or use email notifications.

Then you only have to set up an email client on your new phone.

thanks for your answer!

i cant find any option to choose a Person or a group… can u tell how to find in the automationcreating prozess? i can only use the visualized.


thank you!! i will try it! i think this is what i am searching for!

thanks and have a nice day!