Notification on Rest Command error or with it's response


On our work during WFH we have a check in system, it’s a simple HTML form so I automated POST request with HomeAssistant. It sends me a notification with “Check in” action, which I can press to check in. I then receive a second notification which says “Checked in!” but it’s kind of assuming too much. Because if rest command fails automation will proceed. Also sign in endpoint may be returning some useful data which I’d ilke to receive in the second confimation notification.

So TLDR of what I want:

  • Send me actionable notification with “Check in” action
  • Check in action triggers REST commmand that makes a POST request
  • Send be second notification with result of POST request

Is it possible without resorting to python scripts?

I can not use a sensor, because it would be making that POST request randomly, and that would be very very bad as you can imagine. I only need to call it once a day on workdays, manually. I’m not sure if there’s a way to set it to never ‘scan’? Setting up very long scan interval still means it will get triggered with like Hass restarts, which I don’t want. Think of it as launching a missile. I absolutely don’t want to have false triggers, and I want to get back result of a command once it’s been triggered to know if it launched or not :smiley: