Notification Priority

Is it possible to set a Notification Priority?

For example, I have an automation that let’s me know if I left my basement door open for 30 minutes.:

service: notify.mobile_app_s10_d
  message: Small Basement Bilco door open 30 minutes

With the Android Companion App, I receive a text display of the message and an alert sound.

I have other less important automations where I would like to receive the message only, without an alert sound.

I use Do Not Disturb to suppress most alert sounds, and set exceptions for the App alert sounds I do want to come through:

If there was an option do set Notification Prioirty to LOW vs GENERAL, then I could de-select the LOW priority message sounds. :wink:

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This was just what I needed: Introduction | Home Assistant Companion Docs ( Notifications Channels .


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