Notification QOS

@MrMep Hi, is it possible the set the notification qos? I see it can be set with mqtt publish but I don’t think its an option for the notification custom component of zanzito. Is it possible to add? Cheers

Hi, sure it’s possible, I haven’t worked on the component for a while now, I’ll see what I can do.
The component is obviously open to any third party modification, should anyone want to do it :slight_smile:

I think the component would end up broken if I went anywhere near it :slight_smile: I did find a work around using mqtt publish and the retain flag. That way I if I’m not connected I would still receive the last message when I reconnect. On a side note that doesn’t work using the notification channel, I continually get the last notification whenever I reconnect. If I subscribe to another channel and use mqtt publish I get notified the first time I reconnect and it works perfectly. Thanks again for the app.

I would love to see Zanzito in the notify component.
Then you could use it together with other functionality such as notify groups etc.

@MrMep I tweaked the Python notify component to use qos=2, but I am still missing messages.

I have a hass script that sends to my cell through the Zanzito custom component and logs through syslog. I have not done a count, but I would estimate 25(ish)% of the messages never make it to Zanzito, but some days are worse than others.

Does the Android Zanzito app connect to the broker with a qos other than 0? I’d love to be able to set that to 2. The traffic is low enough that it should not impose too much overhead.