Notification queue if not home

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Hi All,

I have setup multiple notifications in case of washing machine finished, dryer finished, roomba stuck, dishwasher complete etc.
All of these notifications have one thing in common: they require my physical interaction.

So it is fine to receive these notifications if I am at home, but if I am away…well it’s nice to know about but I cannot perform the action required and have to think about it on my own when I am back home.

My idea was something like a notification queue storing these kind of notifications and sending them if I arrive at home (or put into a tasklist / show it on my home screen etc. … details on how to handle them I can do later - at the moment I think the notification queue is the more important thing)
Has somebody already build up something like this?

My blueprint idea would be like a wrapper script for notifications that I want to receive only on home.
This wrapper script sends the notification if I am at home and writes it to a local file in (e.g. json format?) if I am not at home.
Having me arriving back home, an automation then reads the json information from the file and sends the notifications back to myself.

Any toughts or feedback?
Would like to see discussion on this.

thanks :slight_smile:

I’ve done something like this but considered storing them as an input_text field, but it wasn’t overly practical with removing individual ones as I completed the task required when I arrived home. In the end I ended up storing them as input_booleans, and then checking the state of what the tts had to read out when I got home. That way I could complete each task, and remove said input_boolean.

Thanks for that proposal.
So for every notification you create an individual input_boolean manually?

Will it not work with a wait until as action?

Wait until you are home then send notifications.
The notifications you list is the type that will only be one at the time. I mean the washing machine won’t start over on it’s own.

If Home Assistant restarts during this time due to a power loss or something then you won’t get the notifications.

Its not every notification, I’m not creating dynamic notifications, they are common actions that are repeated regularly.

E.g. washing machine, dryer or dishwasher completed whilst I was out and need to be emptied or the mail arrived. etc