Notification rate limit


I got a notification today that’s I’d exceeded the 150 per day limit.

I checked the docs and found this:

Currently, you are allowed to send a maximum of 150 push notifications per day per device. This is to ensure that the service remains cheap to maintain.

I thought that’s what I was paying my monthly Nabucasa cloud subscription for. At least some of it.

I use Prowl along side the Hassio iOS notifications while I get some confidence that the Hassio iOS notifications are reliable. Does that double count? Or does it just relate to the iOS app?


It should just be the iOS notification that count towards the total.

Nabucasa and the iOS component are not related.

@robbiet480 supports an amazon AWS instance that handles the ios notification relay.

All that being said, over 150 notifications a day sounds like a lot of noise. How are you going to know when you actually need to be notified of something vs. just another notification.


It’s not really a lot in my application. I need to track animal movements and equipment status continually.

How could I get around this limit?