Notification reminder for to do list or shopping list

I want to send a notification reminder but i dont know how to get the data to send. Ad example in my shopping list there are 2 items to complete, when the trigger is set you will riceive a notification with the reminder on what to do. Any suggest?

In develper tools i can only see this,

First this isn’t anything to do with a blueprint, so I suggest turning off blueprint and adding the notification and automation tags for better visibility to your problem.

Also showing what you’ve done so far and what errors you get is helpful as you learned when you read the site FAQ…
How to help us help you - or How to ask a good question - Configuration - Home Assistant Community.

I also found this with a small LMGTFY search that might pertain to your problem. It shows where they got the data from a trigger for another purpose, but it gives you the basics for your own automation.

Shopping list - Home Assistant.

Thx for the reply, tags added thx for the suggestion. Unfortunatly those basics dont help me, i dont know how to use that event. Probably i dont get how to use it properly.