Notification(s) and message templating

  1. Looks like it’s not possible to template a message, so please vote if you would like this feature (or tell me how to do it). The code below does not work.
- alias: Log file size notification
  initial_state: 'on'
    platform: numeric_state
    entity_id: sensor.homeassistantlog, sensor.ozw_logtxt
    above: 15
    - service:
        title: 'HA - Warning'
        message: >-
           {% if states('sensor.homeassistantlog') > 15 %} 
              HA Log file size increasing
          {% elif states('sensor.ozw_logtxt') > 15 %}
             Z-Wave log file size increasing
           {% endif %}
  1. Sending messages to more than one notification service is also not possible. This would be helpful, so the same messages can be delivered without creating a lot of different groups…
        - service:, persistent_notification.create
            title: 'HA - Warning'
            message: 'Log file size increasing'