Notification sound lost on Android phone with notification service

I’m pretty new with HA and I’m starting to play with sending notifications to my android phone (Samsung S9).

I works well, but whatever I do, if a sent a notification, my phone will remain silent for ALL notifications for ALL the apps. And yes I have checked my phone settings, rebooted the phone. It even become impossible to have my notification sounds back again unless I make a settings reset on my phone.

What is the problem?

notificaiton sounds are controlled by the channel, check your notification channel settings on your device for the app.

Configuration > Companion App > Notification Channels offers a shortcut.

If you never set a channel then you will want to edit General and give it a sound.

Also the android app does not impact notifications from other apps, that sounds like a ringer mode issue.

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Thanks for the information. But that did not solve the problem. I was sure it was because of my experiments with the HA notifications, but I don’t think so anymore.

I tried resetting the parameters of my phone and the problem disappeared, then reappeared.
I tried the soft reset (Power button + volume down for 45 seconds) and apparently I am unable to reproduce the issue. Which is great news.

I’ll leave the mystery where it is until the problem comes back.

did you solved ?
I’ve got a quite similar issue on my Redmi Note 8T.
For some reason,randomly, Companion app stop to notify with sound ( no problem with other apps)
I think the channel is well configured also in automation ( my home alarm) ; I raised up the priority to force sound also if phone is in silent mode.

ttl: 0
priority: high
channel: alarm_stream

Sometimes i solved forcing ringtone on app again but this trick doesn’t always works
No problem with visual notification.

I decided to go around it and use TTS to voice a notification content instead of having a general sound. So far I’m happy with that workaround.

The problem I mentioned actually reappeared but then I just reset my phone settings and everything goes back to normal. It’s just a bit too annoying though, so I prefer to use TTS, as weird as it will appear someday to some people who will simply hear my phone suddenly speaking to me.