Notification target not respected

I have the following notify config…

- name: matt_ios
  platform: ios
  target: '<TOKEN>'
- name: alydia_ios
  platform: ios
  target: '<TOKEN>'

However, when calling either one of these services or specifying them in an automation, both devices receive the notification. The target specified in the config is not being respected.

I’m having a different issue but I believe related. When I try the above with my notification service of choice (Pushover) I get the notifications through the iOS app regardless of specifying Pushover

I have no notify: in my config when using the Ios app.

It should configure the services on its own without you having to specify them.

You should be able to use notify.ios_devicename for the service, and target a specific device. This is without specifying ios in the notify section of the config. I was able to send notifications to either my iPhone or iPad. Although, I did have to restart HomeAssistant after installing the app and enabling notifications for each devic to show up under the notify > service dropdown

Do not add any configuration under notify. The only thing you ever need to add to your Home Assistant configuration is ios:. Just add it onto the end of configuration.yaml, restart and you’ll be :100:

Don’t remember where I found the notify config I was using, but it was definitely causing the problem. Thanks!

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I already added that from before, can I just remove and everything should work fine?

I simply removed mine and everything appears to be working. I did have to update the notify groups that were sending notifications since my notify config did not use the same naming as the ios config.

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I haven’t gotten around to actually creating automations yet so that shouldn’t be a problem :slight_smile:

I have my iphone setup as ‘ios_robins_iphone’ in the app, yet notifications go to ‘ios_ios_robins_iphone’ and I have no idea where that comes from… Anyone else experience this?

UPDATE: deleted data base and restarted, the ios_ios_robins_iphone. I wondered if this is because I declared ios: in config, so deleted it, but now the app doesn’t load the device tracker and notify components.
Now with ios: in config, have deleted all .conf files and know_devices.yaml, restarted multiple times.
I now have:


So it appears unavoidable that notify appends ios_ to the start of the entity id…

Correct, this is normal behavior for Home Assistant. The format is notify.ios_<device ID>.

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Hi there, I have a question and i’m not sure if this is the correct place to ask.
how can i send a notification to a more than 1 ios device, i know i can create a group, but not always i will send to the same members of that group, example:
notify if door is opened, notify to membe1, member2 and member4, but tomorrow member2 is on a trip so i need to remove it for the script.

thanks for your help