Notification to be sent after each automation run

Is there any way to set a notification after running any of automations? Ideally, that will be a log of all automations run.

There is always a ways to manually add notification at the end of each automation, but it is not manageable.

Thanks in advance!

This info is in the logbook

Logbook is ok, but it’s not about notifications and not only automations.

The goal is to have the log of all autmations in telegram messenger.

- alias: Notify automation runs
    - platform: event
      event_type: automation_triggered
    - condition: template
      value_template: >
        {{ != 'automation.notify_automation_runs' }}
    - service: notify.XXX
        message: >
          Automation {{
          }} ({{
          }}) triggered by {{

Note that this will be sent when any automation (besides itself) triggers, not after its actions have finished running (as your request implies.) However, maybe it will suffice.

If you really want a notification after each automation run completes, that would also be possible I think, but slightly more involved. (I.e., you’d have to trigger on any automation entity state change, then use a condition that checks that the current attribute has decreased.)