Notification when database is corrupt

It would be nice if it was possible to send notifications via the app and e-mail when a new database is intiated and the current one is copied and marked as ‘corrupt’.

I’ve experienced this today. I was missing all my history and started investigating. After a while I found out the database got corrupt (but the system was still/again running).

It would be nice to send an e-mail and a push message since the faster you can address this, the less data is written to the new (kind of) useless database.

In my opinion, you could even make the frontend unavailable or add a very clear message that there has been created a new database. I’m kind of surprised by the fresh database without getting any notification.

Since HA is advising people to not use mariadb or any other external database, it would be nice to be informed about those drastic actions.

I’ve faced the same issue, was extremely frustrating.