Notification when iPhone is first used in the morning

I might be the only one who wants this but I’d really like to figure out IF there is a way to get a notification when the phone is picked up in the morning.

My use case is for my kids. I need to make sure they are up for school and the first thing they usually do is grab their iPhone and interact with it.

If I can get a notification then I don’t have to walk upstairs, or even text them, to make sure they are awake.

Has anyone thought about or done this and maybe my search skills are just bad?


You could do this with a combination of the HA app and a wireless charger. When they take their phones off the charger, you could run an automation.

Not really sure outside of that, tbh.

If these iPhones works fine with the unlocked property of our Apple Devices’ local Bluetooth Home/Awaydevice tracker implementation, you could check for the first “unlocked”:true every morning for their iPhones.

Unfortunately we haven’t fully sussed out yet which setting makes this works fine for a lot of iPhones and iPads, but not for some, so your mileage may vary.

Interesting. I’ll look into that. Thank you.

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I had not seen that before. Thanks… More research coming.