Notification with snapshot not working with 0.99

NVM: seems to be working in 0.98.2… sorry

Can anyone else see if there snapshots stopped working when sent with iOS notification? Happens with both beta 2.0 and 1.5 but as soon as I roll back to 0.98.2 it works again. No errors in log. I did see a small change to the formatting in the notify platform before this last release.
But not sure if that would be the possible cause.

Turning on debug and upgrading again to see if I can find anything… just trying to see if it’s happening to others as well.

I’m on 99.2 and pictures is still missing in IOS notifications.
Could it be related to IOS 13 ?


I’m using iOS 13.1 beta

I came here to post of a similar problem. Automatons that were sending notifications with image attachments no longer appear to be working.

I am running Hassio 0.98.1 so I do not believe the issue is with 0.99. The problem appears to lie with the beta 2.0 version of the iOS companion app. When I send the notifications using the older app (v1.5.1) the images attach just fine. I’m not positive, but I believe the timing of this issue roughly lines up with the updated version of the app that showed up on TestFlight the other day. However, that update description says there were no changes made.

Also worth adding that I’m running iOS 12 so I don’t think the issue lies with the new iOS 13.

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I’m also running iOS 13.1 (beta), and still receiving image attachments with notifications. (running companion app 1.5.1)