Notification without the Internet

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everyone use notification service to send well… notifications :slight_smile:
All of them are delivered over the Internet.
A simple question - what happened if the Internet is down? For whatever reason.
Will it just simply fail? I assume the answer is “yes” but in that case - how we can make sure notifications are delivered as soon as the Internet is back again?

Can they be saved until the Internet is back and be sent once the Internet is available?

The only solution that came to my mind is to save them to a file/database and then use some 3rd party script that could handle all of that - like checking for the internet, trying a few times and then may be falling over to USB modem to send SMS.

Can that be achieved somehow else apart from writing custom script?


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There are very many notification components, they are all likely to be different if the net is down.

Try an internet modem that will switch to a 4g dongle when the main connection is down.

I think a persistent notification will survive the internet not being connected (as long as there is no restart of home assistant)

I explicitly want to use USB dongle as a “serial” modem to be able to send super urgent messages as SMS.
The reason for that is that data connection on a phone could be unavailable - disabled because of low battery level, poor mobile coverage etc.
SMS service seems way more reliable here.

P.S. was surprised not to find SMS-sender component.

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persistent notification - sure. But they are displayed on the HA itself or I missed something about persistent notifications?

sure, I meant sms-sender component for HA.
Never mind then :slight_smile:

Yes but that is the best known sms software on linux, it is probably the way to integrate sms. It would need a python interface.

It is quite complex to set up, I never really got it going how I wanted it, and certainly wouldn’t be qualified to do a howto.

Just putting this here for people searching for a solution… I haven’t tried this: