Notifications do not work

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I am not sure where to start but I cannot get notifications to work.

I have moved almost everything from my vera to ha but I got stuck on notifications.

I have no clue where to look anymore.

Reinstalled the app, clicked on allow to turn to allowed, rebooted hass, repeated that a dozen times, added notify: mobile_app: and iOS: to y configurationn although it had default_config: already, nothing helps.

How can I debug this thing. Pointers anyone?

There’s no need to set up notification services for the iOS app. The integration will do that for you.

Go to Developer Tools / Services and type notify.mobile_ in the service input text field. What services do you see?

Thanks Tom for your help. The problem was that I did not see any services there at all. After reinstalling my app a few times and hitting the renew button in the settings also a few times, I ended up with multiple sensors for the same iPhone but also at last the so needed notify.mobile_myiphone. So now it works!

There is a procedure documented for cleaning out the mobile integration and starting from a clean slate if you want to remove all those duplicates.

Ignore the title, it can be used for other reasons,

Thanks Tom, I will give that a spin as soon as I have everything moved from my Vera and operational on the HA.