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Notifications firing twice


Hi all

I’m sending notifications to my iPhone using the IOS app but getting them twice

I’ve checked the IOS app itself and also my settings and cannot see any reason for this

I’m running HA 0.92.2 and IOS 12

Has anyone else seen this problem please ?

My notify.yaml file just has the following

 - platform: ios
   name: ios
   target: PUSH API Key

I don’t think that’s a valid configuration. You should only be loading the ios component (assuming you are using 1.5 and not 2.0 beta) and it takes care of loading the notify platform and handing targets.


But how does it know to send a message to an IOS device if you don’t say IOS


mobile_app supports multiple platforms including iOS and Android. It replaces the ios component and is a more generic component to allow for any number of mobile apps to integrate. Just confirm you are sending to the right device based on device name.

EDIT: Sorry, the above response only matters if you are using the 2.0 beta. Loading the ios component will create a notify target for each registered device prefixed with ios e.g. if you had a device named miniwilliams iPhone the notify target would appear as notify.ios_miniwilliams_iphone. mobile_app (only used in 2.0) works a similar way. The notify target would look like notify.mobile_app_miniwilliams_iphone.