Notifications make a sound but I never get the notification

I’m not sure what has changed with my setup for this to be happening but I no longer get a notification when using the notify service to send notifications to my iphone via the home assistant app.

I GET THE NOTIFICATION SOUND BUT NO NOTIFICATION/BUBBLE. The HA app is counting the Notification as received (without error) and I can hear the notification – but I never see the notification and it isn’t in my list of notifications.

Using the notify service, HA 2021.1.1 and a fresh copy of the HA app on my iphone. Notifications are enabled and i’ve checked the phone notification settings and bubble/visual notifications are enabled for HA.

Has anyone else had this issue?

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is bumping allowed?

this turned out to be a node-red payload issue.

In case someone comes across this post and is wondering what happened, it’s likely that no alert was provided. For example, specifying just the sound but not message is supported (think of’s default notification behavior, for example). Although the service call normally requires the message key, providing an empty string will look successful but not show the alert.

If you are experiencing this, try to work backwards - send a notification manually, log what you’re sending automatically, and see what the difference is.