Notifications missed on android app

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Both Call service + notify.mobile_app_xxxxxx and Device + Send a notification stopped working, worked just yesterday. The 500 limit is not reached yet, only 30 used today while testing it. The journalctl for HA says it sent the notifications but the app on android does not receive them. The android is a Samsung tablet with disabled power optimizations for HA but even if HA is open and running - there are no notifications displayed on the tabled.

How to fix this kind of problem? Notification to google hangout still work (but hangout is going to die soon though).

I have stopped relying on HA notifications (also to Samsung tablet) for this very reason. Don’t think its something that can be resolved in HA - there are just so many interacting settings on an android device. I had a Samsung update this morning, don’t know if you did - could that be significant?