Notifications Missing or Delayed

It seems like that in the last few days some of the notifications that are sent to my Pixel phone - or, at least the automation traces show that they’ve been sent immediately - do not show up quickly and reliably.

Other than allowing other Android apps to upgrade on my phone and upgrading my Pi4 system to 2023.5.3 and .4, I have not made any major changes to my system (like adding new integrations or such).

Is anybody else experiencing a similar issue lately?
The app battery usage for the companion app is set to ‘unrestricted’ but I wonder if Android is blocking or slowing down displaying the notification straight away.

I haven’t had any notifications not come through, but I have anecdotally felt like they’ve sometimes been delayed a little the last few days (enough so that I confirmed the app is still set to a persistent connection when on my home WiFi, which it was).

To speed up delivery make sure to follow the critical format

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Added this to all my notifications yesterday and it seems like it helped with the immediate delivery of notifications.
I’ll keep an eye on it.
Thank you!