Notifications no longer working since update

I’m on the latest versions of the app and HA and since the updates my notifications are no longer working.

I have mobile_app: in my config and all was fine prior to the update.

I am getting location notifications though.

Additionally, since the updates, my clock is wrong and constantly being changed when I look at the log. Time-zone is all correct and unchanged. The time on my mac mini (which runs HA, is correct.

I’m unsure if the two issues are related.

I’m at a loss where to look next.

I’d appreciate any pointers.

This is now resolved. The two problems were, AFAIK, not related.

The time was incorrect as the location set on the map on the Configuration/General page was set to the mid-Atlantic. It seems that this overrides the setting in the config.yaml file.

The lack of notifications was solved (though I don’t know the cause) by deleting the app, removing the iOS integration, restarting and then reinstalling the app.

This did mean having to reconfigure all of my actionable notifications though, which is an unecessary pain.