Notifications on Samsung TV

Hi there, was hoping to have a notify platform for Samsung TV so that I can receive certain alerts, etc when watching TV. Currently using the Samsung TV media player component and it works well.

TV model: UN55KU6300

Thanks, I appreciate the effort you guys put into everything HA-related!

Not sure if it works on your model, but there seems to be a python script that works with some Samsung tvs: samsung-messagebox

It doesn’t work for my tv though. In my setup I have a small speaker on my PI3 running HA, this lets me run TTS and sound alerts without interrupting anything else. Other than that I am using push notifications to my phone+smartwatch.

Thanks for that. Doesn’t work with my TV unfortunately. Tried connecting on all ports I was able to find online. No go.

samsung support currently uses samsungctl ( I’ve submitted a request for notification support that could then be added to HASS (

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Much appreciated. Thanks!

any luck @armandom ? I have the same TV and hope to do the same.

@kylerw Any update on the notifications? I see that there is some code posted on the issue, but nothing beyond that.

There was a comment made 2 months ago with some working code asking for other testers. I have not had a chance to do so…

See here:

Edit: which you mentioned. lol - my bad. I have not seen anything further.

I can test it out. It doesn’t look like a HA component though.

yeah, it’s the package that the component is based on

So, how would I test it without modifying the package/component?

in the past I had run the samsungctl directly and was successful in testing. I can potential give it a go in the next week or so.

Looking forward to the updates. Let me know what/how you tested and I can also test it out on my end.

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Any progress on this?
I’d love to be able to push notification like “washing machine finished” or “motion detected” etc. to the tv as a text alert.

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I am super keen on this too, any updates?

Anybody got a solution? Thanks!