Notifications with pictures not working

I just upgraded to 2021.11.3 and now my notifications to my iPhones and iPads do not show any pictures anymore. Notifications do arrive on the phone but the picture which is embedded using a URL do not show anymore. Anyone else having the same problems?
Best regards

Occasionally the small app that the system runs to do the image attachments stops working and restarting the device is necessary to make it start running again. The way it works is that, if you provide a URL and it fails to download, it’ll attach a failure message image so that you can tell something went wrong. If that failure image isn’t present, the cause is likely the one where restarting will fix it.

I have downgraded to 2021.11.2 and now notifications work without any problems. I will stick with 2021.11.2 until the problems are sorted out.