Notifications Work Once Then Never Again

Jsut installed the app and got a test notification to work. After that every time the same auotmation fires there is no notificioat on the deviec and the home-assistant.log shows:

2017-07-22 14:47:07 WARNING (MainThread) [homeassistant.core] Unable to find service notify/ios_chris_iphone

If I reset up the app and change the device name, it works again but only once, then repeats the above.

Any ideas?

Try disabling everything in the iOS app, deleting file .ios.conf (should be in the same folder as configuration.yaml), rebooting HASS and then enabling notifications again in the iOS app.

That helped me in the past.

Tried that. No bueno.

What notify services exist?

I only have iOS added in my configuration.yaml. Is there another place to check to see what services exist? I am new to HASS so sorry for the dumb question.

No problem. Take a look at the developer tab see below and see what notify services exist.

I have three. Also none of them have any JSON like your image. The two different iPhone ones are the two different names for the device I tried.

So I decided to tear it all to the ground, taking it one step further than @pplucky even suggested.

I took ios out of my config.yaml, deleted .ios.conf and I reset the whole iOS app on my phone. I then reinstalled everything and I know seem to having it working. I even got “Title”, “Subtitle”, and “Message” working. I will see if it keeps working for a while before I declare victory though.

Next up is to try some advanced notificatons. I still have a LONG to-do list to get HA setup so it can replace Smartthings (the app & CoRE as I still intend to use it as a bridge) but making progress.

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Is it still working? I too am having problems with the notifications…

No problems here. Notifications are still working fine for me.

@teachingbirds are you still having issues with iOS notifications?

They seem to be working now. No idea what have changed…