Notifies from alarm_control_panel

Good evening guys.

For some months I have had a problem with the alarm_control_panel sensor where it always notifies me of the same status more than once. When I set the alarm, the alarm_control_panel sensor switches to ARMED and 2-3 times every hour it reminds me “the alarm is active” same thing when I deactivate it … why? with the old versions of HA it didn’t happen to me. The problem gives me both with the app and with the notifications on telegram.

This is my setup:

- alias: IOS - ALARM
  - platform: state
    entity_id: alarm_control_panel
    to: armed
  - service:
      title: 🔒 ALARM
      message: ALARM IS ARMED

I ask for your help …

I’m not 100% sure, but putting a from: disarmed might reduce the number of notifications. On my 0.114, I’m not seeing it do that, but I also haven’t checked the service output either recently.

Ok i try immediately…

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Is that a valid entity id?

Shouldn’t it be alarm_control_panel.something ?

from your suggestion, I tried yesterday to put a FROM and … at the moment it doesn’t give me double notifications … will something have changed in the programming?