Notify action(Uri to dashboard tab) not working


As the title says i have some problem to create a notify action in my automation. I do exactly what the documentation says at: Actionable Notifications | Home Assistant Companion Docs

But the navigation just goes to the main screen and not the one i got selected

  1. The url to the related dashboard is: /dashboard-dashboard/shopping

  1. the notify action looks like this:
service: notify.mobile_app_pixel_7
  title: Boodschappen aan het doen?
  message: >-
    Doe je boodschappen? Vergeet dan niet om op je boodschappenlijstje te
      - action: URI
        title: Open boodschappenlijst
        uri: /dashboard-dashboard/shopping

What do i do wrong?

Dear ExtrxNL,

you code looks well for my beginner point of view.
Maybe issue is not code but missing companion documentation for ios.
if you receive the notification and you press it once Home Assistant default dashboard opens but if you long press the notification you should see the actions you´ve defined titel “Open boodschappenlijst” if you then press this acion your defined uri “/dashboard-dashboard/shopping” should open.

Maybe my findings help,
good 2024 to all of you