Notify if email doesn't arrive

I have an NVR that records surveillance cameras. Of course, you never look at these things until you need them. So when I went to look for some footage for my neighbor, I discovered it had been locked up and not recording for a week.

I’ve now got the NVR configured to send an email to a special email account (used just for this purpose) once per day, like a heartbeat. What I’m looking for is a way for HA to check that email account and, if the email is there, simply delete it. If it’s not there, alert me (I have an alert routine I can use via slack for this). Is this possible?

This allows you to have state change based on an email with the IMAP Email Content integration.

Can’t do delete or read as far as I can tell

The delete part is probably the only one that is hard.
I know the rest can be done in node red, and probably in HA also.

What happens if you just ping the NVR when it’s not responding (I understand that is hard to know now).
Perhaps that is a much easier way?

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Read is possible in Node Red.
Both topic and message is part of the message.