Notify only sending additional data when receiving device is on LAN

So I’ve got a door open sensor and an AXIS camera. There’s a very simple automation in place that triggers when the door open occurs, checks the condition that my cell phone is not at home, and sends a notification with a picture from that camera to my devices. This works perfectly, with one hitch. If my cell phone is connected to the WiFi at my house, the picture comes through normally. If my cell phone is not connected to the WiFi, the notification comes through but without a picture attached. None of this implements complicated third party integrations so I’m not sure what the difference would be. In case it matters, my cell phone connects back to the HA server via TailScale and not a port forward. Full automation is below and any help would be appreciated.

service: notify.notify
message: Back door was opened
title: Home Security Alert

Because you are sending a URL with a nonroutable private internal IP address in your notification. When you are outside your WiFi you can’t reach any addresses on your network by ip using 192.168.x.x

Thank your firewall / router it’s doing its job properly.


Would need to refer to a URL available on the public Internet. There are many ways to do that but it will be very dependent on your particular setup

Understood. I was under the impression that HASS would be gathering the information from the local network and forwarding it to the endpoint rather than giving it a pointer. I’ll have to play with saving the media to HASS and then pointing the notification to that file or find a way to make the camera directly accessible to the endpoint without exposing it to the open internet. Appreciate the help.