Notify per email in 2024.6

I updated HA to 2024.06 today and got a message about notification changes. After looking into the docu I changed the email-notification of my automation to the following:


service: notify.send_message
  entity_id: notify.testemail
  title: "Test"
  message: "Test"

And I have a “notify.testemail” entry in my configuration.yaml for platform smtp.


  - platform: smtp
    name: testemail
    sender: [email protected]
    sender_name: "Test Sender"
        - [email protected]
    server: server_name
    port: 25
    encryption: none
    timeout: 15

But it does not send mails.

With the same Update of HA the “file”-Integration was imported from my configuration.yaml to a “file”-Integration in the GUI. After Allowing the file-path to be writable that notification in my automation worked:

service: notify.send_message
  entity_id: notify.test_log
  message: "Test"

What am I doing wrong, what is different between the two?

What documentation told you to do that?

It is incorrect. See the example here:

I got two dashboard messages after the update: “file” integration was imported to HA UI and I should delete it from the configuration.yaml, and notify changes.

So my thoughts were the notify changes would apply to messages to files and to email messages. So am I wrong and the changes apply only to file-integration?

So far only some notification integrations have been changed. The plan is for all of them to be changed eventually but there are issues that are slowing the progress. SMTP has not been changed. File notifications have.

Seems I was wrong, old notify for email works again.

Thanks for the clarification.