Notify service sends not the latest picture available

Hi all,
I created an automation which send me a notification incl. a picture which is located in the www (/config/www/klingel_haustuer.jpg) folder. The automation has no trigger at the moment, I am just playing around and triggering it manually.

The notification itself works, but the image is not the latest available. It is an old version of it (cached???). The file /config/www/klingel_haustuer.jpg is up to date. Any idea why not the version of the file is sent, but an older version of it?

alias: .MUSTER - Nachrichten versenden (BILD) inkl. Klickaktion
description: ''
trigger: []
condition: []
  - service: local_file.update_file_path
      entity_id: camera.local_file
      file_path: /config/www/klingel_haustuer.jpg
  - service: notify.mobile_app_pixel_5
      title: Klingeling
      target: klick
        image: /local/klingel_haustuer.jpg
        clickAction: /local/klingel_haustuer.jpg
      message: Es hat geklingelt!
mode: single

Like to bump… Does no one really have a clue?