Notify thru' automation

I have enabled Notify to Mobile app HA to take snapshot from camera and send it to my mobile on motion detection.

This works fine. I get the picture on my mobile when I am within the same wifi network (at home). When I am outside on mobile data network also I get notifications but without picture.

My question is how do I get the notification as I do not have a cloud account or remote connection configured. If the notification is coming through the internet then why is picture not sent from HA.

Has anyone configured the same. Then I must be missing something.

Which mobile app are you using - iOS or Android?

I am using HA on Android phone.

The image is pulled from your server in the notification so it needs to be remotely accessible. The docs mention this too.

So notification can reach my mobile but not the image.

Notifications themselves are sent to firebase along with the path to the image hosted on your HA server. If that path is inaccessible at the time the notification was received then no image will be able to be retrieved.

Is firebase an external server to home assistant. If it receives my notifications and then that comes to my mobile app means without any internet connectivity even notifications over wifi is not possible.

Can you clarify this.