Notify when nabu casa cannot reach home assistant

Cloudfare Healthchecks for those that use cloudflare

so once you add the HACS integration it downloads the files then you have to reboot
you then have the ability to add it from the HA integrations page… it took me way too long to figure this out the first time

I think I have set up the integration successfully, but the entity shows as “disconnected” - no pings. Docs not much help. Any advice?

Edit: OK, cracked it - you only need the last part of the check ID (not the https: bit). Excellent!

Thanks. That did the job and it seems that it was installed succesfully. Do I need to do something else for it to send me an email if & when the system goes down ? A test message from within went succesfully.

That should be it… if you disable the integration for 10 min it should send you an email, then re enable the integration

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bedankt !!!