Notify when nabu casa cannot reach home assistant

Hi. Maybe, like uptime kuma, nabu casa could bring some information on home assistant availability. Juste stat of connection and health, and maybe send mail.

The connection status could be a sensor that an automation could be created around.

I looked and couldn’t see a sensor or service that represents this connection

Misunderstood purpose

Cloudflare sends similar when server is down for xx time. This is helpful as missing a notification due to server offline could be issue. I depend on HA for doorbell notifications. When its offline i tend to miss visitors or have other issues

maybe just ping of But if you don’t have a connection, how do you activate a notify to you outside of the home ?



With this being available I think automation is best

yes but how it will work if you don’t have connection ?

The connection could be down for many reasons: Nabu casa down, my ISP is down, something is down between HA and Nabu Casa. I don’t try to determine why it is down and the only thing I would do with a notification is try to restart the connection. So, if the connection is down in HA, I have an automation to try to restart the connection at some interval.

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Hu ok. My post is to request feature of nabu casa, not ha…

The Universal Devices hub (Polisy/Eisy) also has this usefule feature. It should be possible with Nabu.

According to Nabu Casa FAQ, they have no access to individual HA instances:

“We will only exchange messages between your Home Assistant instance and the Google and Amazon voice assistants. The source code that handles incoming message from the cloud is here”

…which suggests they have no way of knowing what the status of your system is.

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Ok so just available connection… like a ping or other… and send email if no pong answer.

Not quite what you’re asking but you could use a free service like which can monitor your HA server from various locations/.networks and alert you when they can’t reach it.

Yes I use uptime robot. But I think nabu casa can do this easy…

Sounds interesting but I am concerned about exposing my HA to a hacker. My guess is that in StatusCake I’d enter my ip address with the HA port nr. That looks risky.

So, that’s why I created this post ….

I am not sure what you mean wih this, but indeed Naba Casa should be able to send an email when it loses connection to one’s HA.

Most likely your HA is already accessible to anyone on the internet.
It’s probably being probed as we speak by various bots. It’s just the way things are…
If you’ve ever had a public server and looked at the access logs you’ll know what I mean.
That’s why you should have SSL and a strong password. Ideally 2FA as well

I am not neurotic about hacking, just looking for a smart solution. It should be very easy for Nabu to send an email when it lost the connection to the HA.

what about, its not so much as NC cant access, but when HA isnt running/has no access

there is a HACS integration that pings every 5 min with your client ID, and then you setup notifications from to whoever you like. i setup emails as they are generally reliable.


Thanks. I downloaded the HACS Integration and also set up account.
In the HACS Integration, it says

" Configuration

This can only be configured in the UI."

but I don’t see where I can do the configuration.