Notify when watts have been over a certain level for a certain time and then goes down?

Hi! I have a INNR SP120 Plug, connected to my Desktop Computer. I work with a lot of heavy rendering work, 3D and 2D.

I would like to have a notification when my renderings are done.

Lets say when i render the watts goes up higher than 300Watts, and when it’s done it goes down to lets say 100. So what i want is:

When home assistant notifies that the watts been over 300 for 5 minutes, (while my computer screen is off, have a plug for that one too), and then goes down to 100 again, i would like a push notification from my hass-app.

I have seen people done this what coffee and washing machines, but in my case i only want to trigger it when it has been running for a while.



You could create an input boolean like ‘input_boolean.render_ongoing’ then one automation that turns it on when it is above 300 watt for 5 minutes and then another automation that turn it off when it is below 100 watt.
Now you can create an automation that notifies you when the input_boolean changed from ‘on’ to ‘off’.

Hi! Thanks for your reply.

I am not familiar with input_booleans, have only done basic automations with light scenes etc before.

Will they come up as triggers when i have made them?

An input boolean is a new entity that will be created in home assistant that you can toggle on or off either through the frontend or through an automation.

You can then use this input boolean in the automation and for the entity id you use the input boolean.

Amazing, it works flawless! Thank you very much.

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