Notifya door opening / presence detection app

I’ve created a phone/tablet app with the groundbreaking ability to detect doors opening using audio, even in the presence of loud background noise. Depending on the environment and the phone hardware, it can reliably detect doors opening up to 30m away, even in different rooms.

This allows your phone/tablet to let you know when someone enters your environment, and could let you find a use for any old devices you have lying around.

Being a fan of Home Assistant myself, I’ve added Home Assistant support to it (MQTT based, all over the local network), so you can receive entry notifications, arm/disarm, and change sensitivity from the Home Assistant dashboard.

I’m looking for some beta testers and general feedback before releasing it fully to the public, and hope this might be a good place to start. It would be great if any of you would be interested in giving it a go and letting me know what you think.

You can get the app and join the Google/Apple beta test by using the app store links from here: