Notifying with Pushbullet with multiple users

Hi! Sorry for this probably more pushbullet related question, but I wonder what’s the correct or best approach when dealing with Home Assistant and multiple people receiving notifications?

So I currently have my server sending notifications not just from Hass, but also from other services like Medusa and Radarr. Hass also sends lots of different notifications. I’d like to receive all notifications myself, but limits which notifications other people in the family receive.

So how do I do this? Do I need to create a separate user with separate token and all, or can this be done with one Pushbullet account?

Thanks for your time!

Answering my own question, ended up just creating another profile and adding more notifiers into hass config, naming them accordingly to the recipient. Generated access tokens for all and in automations I just manually specify targets to send notifications to, by using multiple notification actions. In the end took just a few minutes.

If there’s a better approach, I’d love to hear it :slight_smile:

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Can I see your config file showing how to have multiple users? I’m trying to add another user but am struggling.