Notion Smart Home Monitoring integration

My insurance company provides a free Notion sensor kit, and a discount once I activate the system. I would love to have this integrated with HA, especially if I’m “encouraged” to use it anyways. I see that there is an IFTTT option, so maybe I’ll start there in the meantime.

Their website says it works with IFTTT.
You could likely integrate with Home Assistant through that platform.

Of course IFTTT could work (I think I already mentioned it), but would strongly prefer a local API. I also put in a request with Notion directly.

I’m working on it. The integration is currently reverse-engineered, but the scuttlebutt is that they’ll release an official API this summer. Keeping my eyes peeled.


Quick update: looks like the API docs are live; library creation underway. :+1:t2:

PR submitted:

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