Nous A1T plugs not showing up in HA


I just set up my Home Assistant Green, and it works as advertised. Today I also received a pack of Nous A1T’s but I’m having no luck getting them to show up in HA. here’s what I did:

  • Connected the plugs to our WiFi network (success)
  • Installed Mosquitto broker Add-on (running)
  • Installed the Tasmota service, which is up, but it says No devices or entities

I read the setup instructions three times, but I think I’m missing something. I can’t find a panel to set up the broker connection, and when I enable debugging in Tasmota, this is the error message:

Object { code: "not_found", message: "Domain not supported" }

Any hints for a HA newbie?

Hi Wout,

First, I’ll answer the question mann in the community will have been asking- “What is a Nous A1T?”:

This looks like a fairly generic Shuko plug switch for the Euro 220V area which comes with pre-installed Tasmota firmware.

For an overview, here’s a walkthrough of HASS Mosquitto broker Add-In, MQTT integration, Tasmota Integration.

Basically, I suspect you’ve not used a web browser to connect to Tasmota running on each A1T and configured them to connect via MQTT to HASS. Auto-discovery of Tasmota device capabilities and naming works once connected, but doesn’t explicitly Tasmota discover devices on the network.

Basically, set the A1Ts up with MQTT server, Friendly Name 1 (what it does - “Fireplace light”) and Device Name (what it is - “A1T 04”)

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Configuration → configure mqtt → add your parameters


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Brilliant, thank you! I did not completely grasp the MQTT setup requirement on the device itself. Everything is working as expected now.

Thanks again!