NOUS A1T seem to work fine but do not connect to HASS API

I have ESPHome devices that work fine with my HASS instance

I am trying to get some NOUS A1T to work.

The NOUS are shown as “online” in the ESPHome Dashboard.

A screenshot of the WebUI of the NOUS looks like this:

This is my (stripped down for debugging) ESPHome yaml file

  name: esph-sous-minimal

  board: esp8285
  restore_from_flash: true

  ssid:     !secret wifi_ssid
  password: !secret wifi_password
  domain:   .internal
    ssid: "esph-sous-minimal-Hotspot"

logger:     {level: DEBUG}

web_server: {port: 80}





  - interval: 10s
    - if:
          - logger.log:
              format: "API is connected!"
              level: DEBUG
          - logger.log:
              format: "API is not connected!"
              level: WARN


  - platform: gpio
    id: "button_state"
    name: "Taster"
      number: GPIO00
      mode: INPUT_PULLUP
      inverted: true

Whatever I tried the device is and stays totally unrecognized by HASS. As I wrote, other devices (ESP8266 and ESP32) are immediately recognized and registered in HASS.

I am running HASS OS inside virtualbox.
All devices and HASS are connected to the same subnet (192.168.1.XXX).
I tried restarting the OS, reinstalling the ESPHome Addon many times. Nothing changes.

Do I have a blind spot here?

Did you try to add this esphome node to HA as a Integration?

As host esph-sous-minimal.internal should work

That’s obvious because it shouldn’t be related to your “problem” when you didn’t add that esphome node to HA in the first place :bulb:

The ESPHome integration is listed on my integrations page

And as the screenshot shows some devices are listed and work perfectly fine.
So I wouldn’t know what else to add.

Click the + (add) button and choose esphome, then add the new device.

Oh wow, I was blind.
You meant the device page not the integration page. The idea to click the + on the device page never occured to me.

Frustration really narrowed my thinking, should have taken a walk.
Thanks a lot!

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