NOVO smart radiator valves


I just kickstarted a society producing smart valves

As a developper myself, I will try to integrate this in home assistant, but I never wrote python (yet).

I suppose I will need some help at some point

will it handle the temperatures and pressures of a steam system? or just hot water?

It will handle the temperature, and there is some “weird” mechanism (that i did not really understand) that allows it not to have any batteries (maybe some kind of dynamo).

Are you sure? To me it seems battery operated:

“Temperature and humidity sensors, the latest motors and radio transmitters, all with a 2 year battery life.”

The SRV+ has a heat regeneration system to keep it charged and does not require batteries.

I also kickstarted this project and would love HA integration, however i’m by no means a programmer but would be able to help with testing or maybe documentation.

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This product never made it. Kickstarter supporters have been refunded. This topic can be closed.