Novostella (Tuya) RGB+W bulb only has RGB detected by Home Assistant

Hi all,

Brand new to home assistant and am really impressed with what it can do. Was trying to do something with 2 Noveostella bulbs I have however HA only detects the RGB element of the bulb. This is a fixed warm white bulb with no colour temperature control however SmartLife and Alex apps correctly utilise the RB and white portions of the bulb correctly so i’m at a loss as to why HA can’t detect this.

Does anyone have any ideas?

Many thanks.

Welcome! Are you using these through the Tuya integration? Are they Zigbee or WiFi?

Hi there.
Thanks for the reply. Yes, i’m using them through the Tuya integration and they are wifi devices. It only seems to be this brand of bulb as all of my other Tuya bulbs are detected correctly.

Just an update on this. I’ve purchased another Tuya wifi bulb and it turns out that it doesnt have white colour temperature. This exhibits the same problem so the issue seems to be widespread with non colour temperature bulbs. In the Tuya app I get a slightly different screen to that of the other bulbs with the issue however the result is the same. I can switch to the dedicated white LED within the Tuya app, but not with Home Assistant.