Now behind CGNAT

I recently switch to fiber but now I’m behind CGNAT so I’ve lost my external access. I will probably go to Nabu Casa but in the meantime, I’ve completely lost access to HA from my cell phone, yet I’m able to access internally using an iPad using the browser or my desktop (both using https://local ip:8123

Using my iPhone, I’ve tried just turning off the cell signal on my iPhonet no luck. I’ve tried both the browser and the HA app. Not sure why I can’t use my cell phone when my iPad works other than some setting I’m missing.

Check the address on the iPhone and then close the app completely and open it again.

OK I was able to get it to work using the browser, put it looks like I’m hosed for the time being with the app. I don’t need secure access inside my house, but I can’t seem to access HA with http://local ip:8123

Remove the app and reinstall it to see if the settings get cleared then