NOX Systems to Home Assistant

I’m not an expert in Node RED by any standard, but I did manage to get a working interface between my NOX systems alarm panel and Home Assistant. It took me quite a while so I’d like to share what I did.

NOX works with modules. Most are actual hardware, but there is a TIO module also (Text Input Output). It can send ASCII messages or call a HTTP endpoint. The HTTP endpoint was to limited for the HA API, so I opted for the ASCII message and convert it using node red.

In NOX, you need to create a TIO module with two virtual outputs, one for sending the input status and one for sending the area status. Set the server IP to the IP of Node Red

Each output has a formula that triggers on all status changes of eather area’s or input’s:

On the third tab you configure the message being sent. I delimited with a |, and seperate by that delimiter in node red.

And this is the flow I created:

Once the first state change has occured, you should have the sensors in HA with any status (Open/Closed/Sabotage for inputs, Amed/Disarmed etc for the area’s)

This might be a niche solution, but perhaps the flow is an inspiration to someone.

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This is my first post, so if I ask silly questions I appologize in advance. I’m new to HA since I switching from OpenHab (witch I use since aroun 8 years). So i’m not familiar with HA.
I’ve tried to follow the steps but i get a Error in node red. Do I have to do more config in the Node-Red envirement? Or Do I have to install API or ist this active by default?
Thanks for any hint an by the way Happy new year :slight_smile:

Hi Andreas,

Did you use the pastebin config I posted? If you download that, you have a json file.
And that json file, you should be able to use in NodeRed (hamburger menu on the top right, click import)

I don’t think there is anything else you have to do, but it’s been four years since I was working on this…

Hi Oliver
First, it’s up and running.

Two more questions.

  1. Is it normal, that the entity disaper from HA after a while (6-12h after they haven’t had any change)?
  2. How can I change the name of the entity, add a icon and add a area?

As I wasn’t able to handle the above described problems I switched to modbus (as I allready did with OpenHAB).


  1. to dissapear, for me it only happens when HA is restarted. They do not dissapear by themself.
  2. It takes the name of the entitiy from NOX, you can change it there, or change the script in Node-Red. Or use customization options in Home Assistant. That should also allow to change the icon. Maybe also to add a area?

Hi Andreas
Could you tell more about the Modbus solution ?
I tried Andreas solution a couple of years ago, but never really succeded.
Perhaps my knowledge on the NOX or Node red is to small.


Hi Lars

First you have to enable modbus in nox-config. I only want to know if all windows are closed. That is queit easy:

- name: NOX
    type: tcp
    port: 502
      - name: Tür Garage RK
        unique_id: modbus_nox_rk_garage
        address: 30012
        input_type: holding
      - name: Tür Garage
        unique_id: modbus_nox_mk_garage
        address: 30011
        input_type: holding
      - name: Tür Eingang RK
        unique_id: modbus_nox_rk_eingang
        address: 10011
        input_type: holding
      - name: Tür Eingang
        unique_id: modbus_nox_mk_eingang
        address: 10012
        input_type: holding
      - name: Fenster Küche links
        unique_id: modbus_nox_mk_kuche_li
        address: 10013
        input_type: holding
      - name: Fenster Küche rechts
        unique_id: modbus_nox_mk_kuche_re
        address: 10031
        input_type: holding
      - name: Fenster WC
        unique_id: modbus_nox_mk_wc
        address: 60011
        input_type: holding
      - name: Fenster Wohnzimmer links
        unique_id: modbus_nox_mk_wohnen_li

Address is like this:
10011 meens module 1001 input 1
20232 meens module 2023 input 2
and so on
the content is like that:
bit 0 = 0-closed, 1-open
bit 1 = 0-ok, 1-sabotage
bit 2 = 0-active, 1-deactivated
bit 3 = 0-no alarm, 1-alarm
bit 4-14 = not used
bit 15 = if detector is defind allways 1

hope this help.