nrf24L01 support

I have a few spare nrf24L01 breakout boards and a few RF controlled sockets… Can I use nrf24L01 on ESP32 (lolin D32 pro) to control them? How to wire and configure? Remote transmitter/receiver shows an example for IR diode which uses only two pins, nrf24L01 needs 5 I believe.

You haven’t provided model number or description of your outlets so can’t answer for certain, but:

  • Almost all RF outlets are either WiFi controlled or controlled via a 433MHz or 315MHz OOK signal.
  • Your NRF24L01 module is a 2.4GHz device and hence incompatible with the above.

Your outlets are likely HomeAssistant compatible - possibly requiring extra hardware, but the NRF modules won’t help here.

Sorry, sockets are emos p0064 433MHz, so NRF24L01 is out of the question, as you said. Need to find an appropriate 433mhz RF transmitter and receiver.