NSPanel Buttons Stopped Working After Updates

Up until yesterday my nspanel (running tasmota and the lovelace ui) was working perfectly. With the release of HA 24.05 I decided that I’d also update my tasmota devices to 13.4. Ever since these 2 changes the physical buttons no longer seem to be working, I’ve set option73 to 1 and am using 2 simple automations to toggle a ceiling light and a lamp via the buttons, I’ve set touchscreen icons to perform this but I cannot get the physical buttons to work anymore.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Could something have changed in tasmota 13.4 or HA 24.05 to cause this?

I figured it out in the end but it was a strange issue that doesn’t make much sense to me, if anyone can shed any light on this behaviour I’d be very appreciative…

It turned out that another tasmota device was configured with the wrong MQTT password. I exported the config from a known working device, decrypted it with a tool I got from github, copied the password from there and corrected the error. Having done this my nspanel (with zero config chages) works exactly as it used to before the updates.

In short, it’s fixed but I do not understand how or why.