NSPanel: no weather on screensaver

Hi Folks,
I have now loaded my NSPanel with Lovelace, it works satisfactorily so far.
Only I have on the Screensave exclusively the date and time, no weather data.
MQTT broker is running and connected - otherwise the panel would not show anything.
Does anyone have an idea?

My app.yaml:

module: nspanel-lovelace-ui
class: NsPanelLovelaceUIManager
panelRecvTopic: “tele/nspan1/RESULT”
panelSendTopic: “cmnd/nspan1/CustomSend”
sleepTimeout: 20
- time: “7:00:00”
value: 10
- time: “23:00:00”
value: 0
locale: “de_DE”

I found the error!
In the apps.yaml the entity entry with the weather entity was missing.

entity: weather.home_station

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I have everything set up in the right way, but I do not have any detail under the time and date. can you show me with a screen your app.yaml?

Frederico, I had the same problem but it work for me:
Goto home assistant menu developer tools, tab states.
in entity type weather and will show your entity in my case weather.casa
use it at:

  entity: weather.casa
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